About Us

Scout Janitorial and Cleaning Services, LLC strives to provide exceptional cleaning services. SJ&CS is based on high moral values, dependability and respect.  "Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning services possible. We are different from other cleaning companies because we use only eco-friendly products and equipment. I believe in the white glove standard used in the military. 


White Glove initiative:  From scrubbing floors with toothbrushes to achieving a glorious shine, there is no question that the military personnel and veterans know how to clean. If you’ve got dirt, SJ&CS will teach you how to take care of it, whether you do so yourself or hire a cleaning service, with the same detail-oriented toughness required by the U. S. Army. I have utilized this technique in our company. 


Value Proposition: 


Scouts will ENHANCE the appearance of facilities to boost our clients reputation and increase their employee engagement. 


Scouts will GUARD against health risks to spaces where people live, work, eat, worship, learn and recuperate to keep them safe.


Scouts will PERSERVE the life span of our clients assets, recognizing, they’re significant cost investments our clients make.